Can Your Family Use Air Purification Services?

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You’ve probably heard of air purification companies, but you undoubtedly have questions about their services. Do you need air purification, do air purifiers even work, and what should you look for in a company? This article will answer all your questions about air purification and the positive effects it can have on your home.

Why Work with Air Purification Companies?

Air quality is often neglected in homes across the country, but this aspect of your household can be critical. The air in your home can carry mold, along with particulate matter like allergens and dust. For many individuals, the presence of particulate matter is harmless; however, for others, it can lead to persistent respiratory issues and skin irritation.

Protection for Sensitive Individuals

Many sensitive individuals may benefit from indoor air purification. It’s estimated that millions qualify as “sensitive individuals” and require clean air to enjoy a healthier life. In addition, those with certain conditions are more prone to the harmful effects of poor air quality.

Some of these groups include:

  • Those with respiratory illnesses
  • Individuals with diminished immune systems
  • People suffering from asthma
  • Older adults with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension

Services from Pure Breathing Solutions

If someone in your family is at risk, then it’s best to work with a professional. If you notice that members of your family are having unexplained symptoms, or an adverse reaction while at home, you should enlist help with whole-home air purification.

Pure Breathing Solutions offers the most robust air purification services in the Twin Cities area. During a session, high-traffic areas are HEPA cleaned–eliminating harmful allergens and pollutants. These special tools fully remove irritants from your home, instead of simply recirculating them like store-bought air purifiers.

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