Why You Need Crawlspace Encapsulation

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Crawlspace encapsulation could help you avoid structural damage to your home, but do you need it? Learn everything you should know from Pure Breathing Solutions.

Can Your Family Use Air Purification Services?

African family spending quality time together indoors | Idea of Air Purification

You’ve probably heard of air purification companies, but you undoubtedly have questions about their services. Do you need air purification, do air purifiers even work, and what should you look for in a company? This article will answer all your questions about air purification and the positive effects it can have on your home. Why Work with Air Purification Companies? … Read More

How to Identify a Good Mold Remediation Company

When left untreated, mold growth in your home can quickly cause serious health problems. If the water damage is isolated enough to warrant remediation, hiring a good mold remediation company is the best solution. Tackling it yourself might make matters worse and could even exacerbate the situation. Mold remediation is the removal, disinfection, cleansing, or demolition of mold or mold-contaminated … Read More

What is An Allergen? | Can Air Duct and HEPA Cleaning Help?

To the naked eye, your house seems clean. Still, you cough, sneeze, and sleep poorly. Sometimes, you wake up with red and irritated eyes—what’s the deal? The answer could be borderline invisible allergens floating in the air of your home. With over 50 million people in America suffering each year, allergies have become the 6th leading cause of chronic illness … Read More

Am I a Good Candidate for Indoor Air Purification?

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), inside air is typically 2-5 times dirtier than outside air if not cared for properly. Particulates, like allergens, dust, mold, diseases, and pollutants, can affect your breathing and immune system. Normal air filters don’t typically catch these, since they’re designed to catch dust from getting through furnaces and conditioners, not to … Read More

Recognizing the Symptoms of Mold Exposure

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It’s almost impossible to avoid mold—it grows just about anywhere it can, especially in dark and damp areas. There are spores everywhere you go. The good news is that most of the time, these spores are harmless, and you won’t get sick from being around them. However, for those with poor immune systems, there’s a higher chance mold exposure will … Read More

Recognizing Common Types of Mold Growth and Symptoms in Your Home

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Mold affects more than 50% of houses in America, and over 28% of people living in the US are at risk for mold-related illness. With the problem being so prevalent, homeowners need to learn how to identify mold and recognize symptoms of its presence. However, before learning mold recognition as a skill, you’ll first need to know the common household … Read More

How Can Mold in Your Home Affect the Health of Your Family?

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Our homes are our sanctuaries; they are the place we return to rest our weary souls. For this reason, even a minor inconvenience to our homes can mean a major inconvenience to our lives. Because of the importance of our homes, it is imperative to protect them. One thing we must protect them from is mold.   What is Mold? … Read More

Get Your Asbestos Removed Before It Causes Health Risks

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Handling Asbestos in the Home Every property owner is rightfully fearful of asbestos. Asbestos, while a suitable material, can cause severe health issues during prolonged exposure. If you own a home or building at risk, asbestos testing can identify whether you need help. When the material may cause harm to your family or the building’s occupants, asbestos removal is an … Read More