For some Minnesota families, the indoor air quality in their home is of the utmost importance. The presence of not just mold, but particulate matter like allergens and dust can lead to serious health issues. If your family suffers from persistent respiratory or skin reactions from allergens, your home will benefit from our thorough cleaning and indoor air purifying services.

During a cleaning session, we clean the air ducts and HEPA clean high-traffic surfaces that collect dust and debris to prevent them from recirculating in your home. Hard to reach surfaces such as the tops of doors or the blades on your ceiling fan can harbor allergens. We go through each room of your home with HEPA vacuums specifically designed to remove allergens and harmful particles. Our goal is about more than just cleaning your home, but making it a healthier and safer place to live.


The Air Your Breathe Matters

If your family experiences allergies and irritations from mold and other airborne pollutants, a professional HEPA cleaning and purifying session from Pure Breathing Solutions might be the perfect solution to improve the air in your home!

Pure Breathing’s Allergen removal and Air Purifying services include:

  • HEPA cleaning of high traffic areas
  • HEPA whole home air purifying
  • HEPA air duct cleaning

Our Process

Common air purification machines work by pulling in air, filtering out particles, and exiting the air through an exhaust. To get a more thorough clean, our cleaning process stirs up the air to disturb particles from around the home. Multiple HEPA air scrubbers then filter the air and reduce airborne particles and prevent them from recirculating in your home.

During our home allergen cleaning services, we also use HEPA vacuum cleaners to address high-traffic areas of your floors and hard-to-reach horizontal edged that collect dust. We also clean the air ducts throughout your home, preventing allergen spread through your HVAC system.

Home allergen removal and air purification services from Pure Breathing Solutions are much different from a traditional maid service. Our goal is not just to remove dirt and debris, but to purify the air and remove any hazardous allergens from your home.

Minnesota homes are especially susceptible to air pollutants. We recommend air purification during allergy season, when moving into a new home, or if your family is experiencing severe reactions to the air in your home. If you would like more information about Indoor Air Purification from Pure Breathing Solutions, contact us to get an estimate.