Am I a Good Candidate for Indoor Air Purification?

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), inside air is typically 2-5 times dirtier than outside air if not cared for properly. Particulates, like allergens, dust, mold, diseases, and pollutants, can affect your breathing and immune system. Normal air filters don’t typically catch these, since they’re designed to catch dust from getting through furnaces and conditioners, not to protect humans from allergens and pollutants. If you or your family are experiencing any side effects from damaging molecules inside your home, then it might be time for a HEPA cleaning and air purifying session from Pure Breathing Solutions.     

4 Signs That Your Air Needs Purifying

It’s can be hard to tell if there are any harmful molecules inside your home. However, since it affects your immune system, here are a few signs that you and your family might notice.

Allergy Symptoms

Allergy symptoms include sneezing, a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and headaches. If the air in your home still has allergens, then taking allergy meds isn’t enough. Getting your air purified is the only way to guarantee that these damaging molecules will completely disappear.

Stuffy Air and Bad Odors

Stale or stuffy air usually means that your air is not getting cleaned properly. If your air carries a bad odor, it could be because of garbage, smoke, old food, or harmful particulates. Air fresheners and scented candles will not mask this scent—in fact, it might even make it worse.

Loud Snoring

Allergens, pollen, and dander can cause congestion in your airways, which leads to louder snoring while asleep.

Endless Dust

Dust is normal to have inside your house, but when there’s an overwhelming amount, it can cause problems. Unfortunately, if dust is not cleaned, then dust mites may make homes under your bed, behind furniture, and other hidden places around your home. Dusting your furniture, picture frames, and other items will help keep this problem under control; however, dust travels through the air frequently. The only way to thoroughly eliminate it is to purify your air.

Air Purification Service

If you have bad allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory conditions, then purifying the air inside your house is a good idea. If your air is not cleaned, there is a higher chance of catching diseases.

An air purifying service can improve your quality of life by improving your indoor air quality. An indoor air purification service uses machines that pull in air and filter out damaging molecules, which then exit out of the air through an exhaust. Numerous HEPA air scrubbers will filter the air and reduce airborne particles to prevent them from recirculating in your home. A HEPA vacuum cleaner will clean any high-traffic areas on your floors and hard-to-reach places that collect dust. Here at Pure Breathing Solutions, we offer air purification services, as well as air duct cleaning, home allergen removal, and cleaning services. Our goal is not just to remove any dirt and debris, but to remove all the hazardous and damaging allergens, particles, and molecules from your home. To schedule your indoor air purification service today, contact us online.

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