Answering FAQs About Mold Remediation Services

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It’s natural to have questions about mold remediation services, but the answers can be difficult to find online. By far, there are three questions everyone asks when considering services from Pure Breathing. This article will cover these three common questions and give you the answers you need before booking remediation.

Q1: What are Mold Remediation Services?

This is arguably the most common question, mostly because there are plenty of terms in the industry that are easy to mix up. You might have heard of mold remediation, removal, inspection, or testing. All of these are important services, but mold remediation has a specific meaning.

Mold remediation services involve any process necessary to eliminate mold in your home. This umbrella term might include separate services to fight mold like inspection, containment, air filtration, removal, and prevention. No matter what specific techniques are used, all of them have the same goal in mind: protecting your family from the symptoms of mold exposure.

Q2: When Might Mold Remediation Be Required?

Even if you can’t see the mold in your home, it can be difficult to know if you need mold remediation services. For these scenarios, potential customers want to know when mold remediation is required.

Some remediation companies will advise remediation if the growth covers a certain number of square feet, while some will recommend action as soon as you see signs of water damage or smell mold growing in your home.

The most crucial time to enlist remediation, in our opinion, is when the health of your family is of concern. Mold can cause serious problems for sensitive individuals. Failing to get the help you need will only let the symptoms worsen over time and may cause long-term health risks for your family.

If you’re not sure whether mold remediation is necessary for your situation, schedule an inspection with the professionals at Pure Breathing.

Q3: How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost?

It may be difficult to find concrete answers because the cost will vary with many factors. First, the size of the growth will influence the cost. Remediation over a larger area will inevitably cost more than if the mold is confined to a small area.

If your home needs extensive services, the cost will also increase. The best way to determine how much services will cost is to ask your local mold remediation company for an estimate.

Working with Pure Breathing

Pure Breathing serves the state of Minnesota as the leading mold expert. Pure Breathing works to eliminate mold to protect your loved ones and reduce the harmful effects of mold on your health. Give your family a breath of fresh air by contacting us and utilizing our mold remediation services. Contact us now to get started.

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