Expertise in Air Duct Cleaning

There is a huge difference in the quality of air duct cleaning companies. The equipment used, attention to detail, and critical thinking by a technician play a role in the outcome of an air duct cleaning project.

If not handled properly, air duct cleaning can actually increase the particles in the air of a home. Pure Breathing Solutions is not a typical duct cleaning company. We understand indoor air quality and strive to offer the very best service available.

In many homes, dust, mold, and debris are lingering in the air ducts. You might be surprised to learn that these particles can make your family sick. Particles in your heating and cooling systems don’t lie dormant; instead, they get circulated throughout your home. Not only do these particles lead to higher energy bills and shorten the life of your HVAC system, but they also have the potential to cause several health problems for your family.

There are several techniques and equipment for air duct cleaning, so you’ll need an expert who can analyze your ducts and provide the right method for them. Whether you need to get rid of some harmful debris or need a full-scale mold removal from your air ducts, Pure Breathing Solutions has encountered it all. Our team will investigate the area, remove harmful contaminants, and restore the health of your home.


Clean Air Starts with Quality Equipment


Cutting-Edge Techniques and Equipment

Our advanced cleaning system pulls in 15,000 cubic feet of air per minute (or CFM), which is almost ten times more power than most services offer. Other duct cleaning services use machines with 500 to 2,000 CFM, which won’t achieve a thorough clean or remove all the harmful particles from your home.

Pure Breathing Solution’s highly-trained technicians also create a tight seal around any vent, window, or potential break in your home’s HVAC barrier using negative air machines. We use duct mask to secure each seal, creating maximum suction and removing all contaminants from the air.

Before we begin, we discuss which equipment we’ll use and where we’ll place it in the home. We’ll also inform you about the noise levels you can expect and any potential tripping hazards during the cleaning process.

A Thorough Approach to Cleaning Air Ducts

We take an enhanced approach to cleaning your ducts. Our process is scientific and results in the most detailed clean possible.
  • The HVAC system is engaged to make sure it is operating properly. Once we determine everything is operating fine, we turn the system off.
  • The furnace filter is removed, wrapped in plastic, and reinstalled. This step separates the parts of system that are responsible for air supply and return.
  • An 8” access hole is cut into the main air supply line and the return trunk line near the plenum–the main circulating area of an HVAC system.
  • The duct mounting flange is installed over the access hole and the flexible ducting is attached with a quick-connect clamp.
  • Once the system is running, depending on how the system functions, each register may be sealed off with duct mask. This will increase air velocity. The use of more than one zone bag may be necessary for larger homes to better manage the airflow.
  • Starting from the furthest register, each branch line is cleaned by using a variety of different nematic air whips and air blast nozzles.
  • Once all the branch lines have been cleaned, all supply trunk lines are accessed and cleaned.
  • Once the supply side has been thoroughly cleaned, we repeat steps 3 through 6 on the return side.

After the duct system has been cleaned, we clean the A-coils and the blower fan. The last step is to reseal all access holes with metal patches, then reinstall all registers.

We believe that our NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) approved process yields the best results for air duct cleaning. Contact us today with the square footage of your home and the services you need. We’ll give you a free estimate and help you understand how we’ll restore your home.